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That Kid Era "Shots Fired at Mac Miller" Exclusive Interview via Dubcnn



Our West Coast fam over at Dubcnn recently kicked it w/ That Kid Era and "Shots were fired". Check it out!!!


Shots fired at Mac Miller…


From an exclusive interview with Dubcnn – That Kid Era launched a full-blown attack on Mac Miller. Shots are fired below. This is a must read!


Dubcnn: Tell me about the beef between you and Mac Miller. I saw the video of you guys stepping to Mac over some production credits for “La, La, La”, is that how it got started? 

That Kid Era: The whole story behind that is that my boys from Up North gave a track to Darelle Revis, the corner back for the New York Jets. He had handed the beat off to Mac, and we were unaware that Mac Miller had used the beat and shot a video to it, until we saw it up on WorldStarHipHop one day. We were cool with him using the beat and everything; we just wanted credit for it as we thought that was necessary respect. We weren’t trying to take money from him, all we wanted was credit. They were just giving us the run around and doing a lot of shady business.He wanted us to tweet this person, email that person, and contact his manager, his publicist, etc. A few months pass by, long story short; he stopped answering us all together. He had a show coming up in New York City; we happened to be there and saw him outside of the show and ask him what was going on with the credit. We gave him respect for the song and asked him who made the beat. He looked shocked and very scared! I don’t think he ever expected for us to actually show up in person. (laughs)


We didn’t show up trying to fight him. After his manager or publicist (I didn’t know who he was) got a little disrespectful, my boy Frank from Up North got in a scuffle with him. You can’t see it on camera, but Mac’s dude got thrown into a fence, then the cops ended up showing up. Mac Miller ran away like a little bitch and disappeared into the subway. The cops left and we were out there kicking it. Chris Webby and some other emcees were chilling too and we were outside of SOB’s freestyling. Later on, Mac’s team texted my boy Tim from Up North and said they’d put up the correct production credits, if we’d take down the video. We didn’t like how they handled their business, and we thought it was shady that all of a sudden they wanted to comply. After months of asking the credits appeared up 2 minutes after the confrontation. So then, we came out with the diss record “Whack Miller”, and that was that. 


Dubcnn: Tell us more about the single “Whack Miller”?


That Kid Era: The first few lines actually talk about Darelle Revis, which not a lot of people have realized. The funny thing is I’m a Jets fan. I got my Cromartie jersey though, so it’s all good (laughs). This is hip-hop, its competitive. Whack Miller is a light diss record and trust me, he isn’t fucking with me lyrically at all.That’s why he’s tried to avoid the situation, Why do you think he never even responded in an interview except one? You think people weren’t asking him about the situation? Of course they were, he just refused to answer because he’s a scared punk and there’s nothing for him to say. And I just found out last week he responded about the situation in Complex. Before that, he was singing lullabies; then the interview came out and he was saying mutha-fuck this and mutha-fuck that.


I don’t know where that came from because you could stuff pillows with his music then – and now he’s trying to big league us and brush it off as if we were in the wrong. On top of it, he goes on to say that he saw us at one of his shows and we just stared at him. I don’t know if he was seeing things, or why he thinks we would show up to another one of his shows. Why would I do that? (laughs). If we showed up to his shows again he would know we were there and he would get shook and hide again.


Dubcnn: So the beef is still on…


That Kid Era: Man, everyone he was with was mad shook and I was only with 3 other kids. If I saw him again, I don’t know what would happen. I don’t think he would say anything if he seen us. And he’s too scared to respond in music either as it’s not a good look for his lame career. It would open up the platform to where people will have to look at the lyrics and that plays to his disadvantage.


Mac Miller is gimmicky and he sells records to 12 year-olds and his type of music will come and go quick. It is what it is to me, so really, that’s not real beef. He doesn’t want to take it there out of obvious fear. 


Read the entire interview with That Kid Era on Dubcnn by clicking here: http://www.dubcnn.com/interviews/thatkidera


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