Breaking News: Max B Granted Appeal in Murder Case

Mr. Wavy may wash ashore sooner than expected. spoke with incarcerated rapper Max B’s manager, Joli O’Shay, earlier today (Mar. 19) and she says the Harlemite was recently granted an appeal in his murder case.
According to O’Shay, Max is now sitting tight as he awaits an actual appeal date. Once that comes in the MC known as Biggavelli, has a new lawyer to fight for his innocence. “He’s gonna try hopefully to go back to trial, or get it a mistrial or get it time served, whatever we can do,” she said.
As previously reported, Max was sentenced to 75 years in prison on September 3, 2009 for orchestrating a 2006 robbery that left a man slain in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel.
The former Jim Jones protégé was convicted of felony murder, aggravated manslaughter, kidnapping, armed robbery and conspiracy.
O’Shay, who speaks to Max daily, says he’s in good spirits about the appeal. —Jesse Gisse



Events: Nipsey Hussle @ S.O.B.’s on 3/24

Nipsey Hussle has a show in NY at S.O.B.’s on Wednesday night and we have a pair of tickets to give away. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 the day of.
The first person to e-mail nah.right.contests[at]gmail[dot]com with the word Hussle in the subject line gets em.
UPDATE: Contest is over.


Breaking News: Artist Young Jeezy Changes Name!!!!

The Artist Formerly Known As Young Jeezy

…has dropped “Young” from his name.
Rap-Up posted the single artwork earlier for “Lose My Mind” which features Jeezy’s new Young-less logo.
Def Jam has updated their website to reflect the change as well.


50 Cent: 'I still have passion for music' [Despite all his business ventures 50 says his first love is still music]- Click Inside

The former drug-dealer rapper has become a film writer and actor, author, and clothing, drinks, and property magnate. But, he says...'I still have passion for music'!

At some point,  Curtis James Jackson III will probably want to bid farewell to the gangsta-rapper charmingly known as 50 Cent. The controversial performer – famous for being shot nine times, entertaining disagreements, dodging lawsuits (his most recent involves allegedly posting a sex tape online), and wearing bullet-proof vests like thermals over those intimidating, tattooed biceps – employed the persona well when he debuted in 1999 with the single "How To Rob". He went on to sell 12 million records with his first album, Get Rich or Die Tryin' and, from a brand perspective, it had enough mileage to warrant a movie inspired by his life, his own G-Unit record label, a couple of video games which indulged kids in gangster-like fantasies and a series of "hip-hop noir" novels.

But in 2010, 
50 the businessman looks to have established more credibility with other ventures which include clothing, properties and a lucrative share in Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater, not to mention last year's New York Times bestseller The 50th Law, where he collaborated with business strategist Robert Greene. It all begs the question of how relevant songs about wiping out his foes and animalistic sex are nowadays, when carefree pop music reigns in the hearts and minds of the mainstream who don't get the thug life, or want to spend an hour of their life mulling it over either.


His last album, Before I Self Destruct, was set to be released in February 2008, but was pushed back so many times that, by the time it came out, in November 2009, it'd been leaked and made less of an impact than expected.
"I was extremely happy with the response to it," he counters. "For the most part, I heard it was my best record since Get Rich or Die Tryin', and that was huge accomplishment for myself. I've been in huge competition with myself since. Of course, it didn't sell a fraction of what Get Rich or Die Tryin' sold, that record went on to scan 12 million records, but we're just in a different climate and time. It was interesting numbers for the first week for me, but I still feel good about the project because of the response publicly that I got from people."

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Rumor: Reality Star Hoopz Has A New Love Interest... and His Name Is French Montana

ASSuming you have heard of or are interested in Hoopz, the reality star, you would like to know that Bossip reports that she now is popping off with has her eyes on Konvict Rapper French Montana.

French remember that the "eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam." 

I've seen that sex tape. 

Strap up.